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Are you finding yourself unable to create lasting productive habits, thus keeping you from achieving your goals? Are there strained relationships in your life that present as obstacles? After struggling with these issues myself, I learned how to change my thinking, which ultimately changed my life. Let me help you, too.

About Mental Fitness Now

Mental Fitness Now is a mental health training program designed to equip you to expertly handle difficult situations with the important people in your life. With these new skills you will be able to better respond to existing challenges as well as proactively create new opportunities for yourself.

My name is Janette More – founder and head Mental Fitness Trainer. It’s my mission to help as many people as possible reach their full potential. As a former technical manager developing my own career and assisting my peers and direct reports, I realized my true passion for mental fitness and its importance for excelling in every aspect of life. I’m excited to share my expertise with you.

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These services were especially designed to address mental fitness in relation to various aspects of life.
By narrowing our focus to a particular area, we can think more tangibly and address specific issues to create lasting results.

Benefits of Taking Action

In obtaining mental fitness, you will have honed the following skills

For years I was unhappy at my company for I had the inability to face conflict and to stand up for myself. Jan helped me significantly though a major strategic restructuring of our organization. Jan provided me with support when the fight both professional and personally seemed overwhelming.

I have come to appreciate the importance of emotional strength to follow through on tough decisions. I am forever thankful that her advice was not similar to other therapists of just listening and consoling without bluntly pointing out the hard realities that are sometimes difficult to hear.

Emily, Texas
I had the pleasure of working for Jan over a 3-year period, during which Jan took the time—and interest—to coach me and further my development as an employee. As a supervisor, and as team leader on one of my projects, Jan was very much in tune with the range of personalities in the workgroup/team and skillful in bringing people together to reach consensus in a team environment and finding the right fit on an individual level.

Jan really seemed to recognize that goodness of fit is important to finding a win-win situation for individuals and for the broader team or organization.

Former Co-Worker, Texas
…I truly have come to appreciate Jan over the years for her ability to drive new focus within the division, create new products, and lead people. … Over the years, I have become significantly impressed with her ability to rapidly understand, mentally organize, and then articulate relatively complex situations and principles. … I respect her, her efforts, and the results of much of her and her people’s work. Jan’s people respect and admire her…
Former Co-Worker, Texas
I have been a happy client of Jan’s since 2011. Jan helped me through an unimaginable life event. Her guidance has been instrumental in my success.
Client, Texas

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