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Can Anyone Really Make You Mad?

We’ve all said it: “She makes me sooo mad!!” But, can anyone really “make” you mad? If that’s true, then why is it that two people can ask you the exact same question and you feel angry towards the first one and willingly answer the question when posed by the second? Suppose you have a [...]

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Are You More Like a Dandelion or an Orchid?

A couple months ago, I took a trip to Vermont and stayed at the Trapp Family Lodge. This is the establishment made famous from the movie The Sound of Music. While I was there, I happened to be reading the new book by Eric Barker, Barking up the Wrong Tree. In his book, Barker had [...]

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When You Try to Control Others, Do You Really Get What You Want?

Whenever I ask a client, “Whose behavior can you control?”, I always get the correct answer: “Mine.” Yet, right after she acknowledges that, I often hear how much better her life would be if so-and-so would just do such-and-such. It’s natural for you to look outwardly in order to find solutions to your problems.  In [...]

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